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Place Shaping

helix-dnaDesigning your destination's future


"A city is more than a place in space, it is a drama in time."(Patrick Geddes, Scottish biologist, botanist & urban planner,1854-1932)

How can you shape the future of your city, region or country as a desirable place - somewhere that people will want to live and work in, do business with, buy from, invest in, study in and visit? How can you compete for growth?

We understand the subtle interplay between each of these sectors in creating a place's appeal. We help identify where your competitive edge lies and how to develop it. This will guide planning policy, infrastructure and public realm development, investment plans and marketing strategy.

We provide answers to questions such as: Which direction should you head in? What type of investment will reinforce your "sense of place"? What infrastructure improvements are needed? Where and how should you market your place? How can you involve stakeholders in designing your future? How can you align residents' aspirations with market demand? What is the magic formula that will enable you to stand out from your competitors and secure a prosperous future?

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