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Crisis Management/Disaster Recovery


Planning for the unexpected - Responding to the unthinkable

"Every little thing counts in a crisis." 

(Jawaharlal Nehru, Indian National Congress party leader, 1889-1964)

Failure to prepare for a crisis amounts to preparation for failure. After a crisis hits, priorities are:

  • minimising lost business
  • stemming reputational damage
  • restoring public confidence
  • recovering business as quickly as possible
  • resuming normal service
  • facing a changed future

A swift, calm and intelligently prepared response is essential. Clear and frank communication is vital.

Just in case:

We help destinations and companies prepare crisis management plans in anticipation of a crisis.

In the eye of the storm:

We also provide the dispassionate, focused, hands-on approach required during the maelstrom of a crisis, by working with destinations to minimise lost business and develop a business recovery plan.

We have helped destinations recover from terrorism incidents (9/11) and disease (Foot and Mouth). We have also advised on global media and travel trade communications strategies, following land reposessions in Africa.

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