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North York Moors and Coast, England: Tourism Brand


 Moors and Coast Area Tourism Partnership

(in association with Tourism UK – 2007)


 What makes the North Yorkshire moors and coast area different?  

The Area Tourism Partnership for the Moors and Coast area of North Yorkshire is a private and public sector consortium. Its aim is to grow the tourism economy and maximise its benefits to businesses, residents, visitors and the environment in the North Yorkshire and Humber region of England. However, its market is mixed and customer confusion abounded about the area’s identity and location, particularly with the more famous moors of Bronte Country lying further to the west, but still in Yorkshire. A brand was required to differentiate this region from other areas in both Yorkshire and further afield.


Through customer research and local stakeholder consultation, we identified the positive and negative aspects of the region. Several market segments were identified and prioritised. Three key differentiating factors were identified as a basis for building the brand: 

  • The combination of moors with coast was unique
  • The long-held equity in the “North York Moors” brand was strong enough to overcome the negative associations (bleak, wet, murders) associated with the word “moors”
  • The North Yorkshire moors also have a rolling gentle quality, epitomised by lush green valleys below the wilder moorland tops. This makes them different from other moors in the north of England.


  •  A clear understanding by stakeholders of the area’s differentiating factors, which could be used to underpin the brand in all destination marketing
  • A strong North Yorkshire Moors and Coast brand, building on the long-held equity of the North York moors brand, and combining the unique juxtaposition of moors and coast
  • Buy-in to the brand and way forward by local stakeholders
  • A clear link between the brand and its application in regional marketing communications
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