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Dominica: Organisational Strategy for Eco-Tourism

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Dominica Ministry of Tourism, Industry and Private Sector Relations

(via EU Eco-Tourism Development Programme/Emerging Markets Group  - 2006)


Dominica's agribusiness, which was mostly based on banana exports, had been declining for some years. Tourism seemed to offer the best economic prospect for the island. In recognition of this, Dominica had recently changed its slogan to “the Nature Island”, indicating its commitment to developing eco-tourism. Aiming to position itself as the “greenest” island in the Caribbean, “eco-thinking” had to be embedded at all levels in its tourism strategy and in its people.


  • The National Development Corporation's priorities were refocussed from agribusiness to eco-tourism development
  • Proposals were developed for restructuring the National Development Corporation
  • Tourism skills were assessed and training needs identified


  • A more focused, export-oriented organisation, with an exclusive focus on eco-tourism was established. This was effectively a tourism board (renamed as "Discover Dominica")
  • Eco-tourism was recognised nationally as the most sustainable contributor to Dominica’s long-term economic development
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