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Human Resource Development/Institutional Strengthening

Dominica: Restructuring the National Development Corporation


Dominica Ministry of Tourism, Industry and Private Sector Relations

(via EU Eco-Tourism Development Programme/Emerging Markets Group - 2006)


Dominica’s economy was in transition. The former economic mainstay, agribusiness, which was heavily dominated by banana exports, had gone into serious decline. Tourism was now perceived to offer the greatest, and most sustainable, opportunity for the future. This required a change of focus at the National Development Corporation to concentrate on tourism development.


  • A plan was developed to restructure the National Development Corporation, focusing on tourism
  • Existing staff skills were matched with new business needs
  • Skills development and training needs were identified and a training plan drawn up
  • A change of organisation name was proposed to reflect the importance of tourism to Dominica's economy (Discover Dominica)


  • A more focused, export-oriented organisation, with an exclusive focus on eco-tourism was established. This was effectively a tourism board (now called Discover Dominica)


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