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Belarus: Destination Brand

Client: Ministry of Sport and Tourism, Republic of Belarus



Belarus didn't benefit from the post-Soviet tourism boost, which many other Eastern European countries experienced. Belarus's traditional market, dominated by older Russians visiting sanatoria and seeking a rural dacha experience, was declining. Younger Russians were turning to global capitals and the tourism infrastructure was not yet ready for western visitors.


  • We identified markets that might begin to replace the imminently declining Russian market in the short, medium and long-term.  
  • We developed a national brand for Belarus and 5 sub-national brands - for Mstslavl, Polatsk, Grodna and the Augustow Canal Region, Narach, and Kamanets-Pruzhany.
  • The national brand focused on reinforcing an image that would appeal to both a new generation of Russian travellers, neighbouring countries and western Europeans:  “refreshing nostalgia” - one of the last places in Europe where the natural, cultural, and historical environment combined to evoke memories of childhood fairytales.
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