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Nice: Image Repositioning


L'Office du Tourisme et des Congrès de Nice / Nice Tourism and Convention Office - 2009


Nice was failing to achieve its tourism potential. There was a clear disconnect between the contemporary reality of Nice and its out-of-date image in France and other key international markets. Nice suffered from being perceived as a passé, sybaritic, expensive city, and haven for retirees, whose reputation was stuck in the faded glory of the Belle Époque.

This was not just out-of-date. More significantly, it didn't talk to younger travellers or convey the breadth of Nice's contemporary appeals. A reality check and image update was required.


We reviewed consumer research throughout Nice's global markets - from France to Russia, China to the Middle East, throughout Europe, Australasia and the Americas. We ran workshops with key trade in Nice and its environs to sift fact from fiction and build a clear picture of Nice's contemporary appeals, its core brand values, key market segments, and market position.


An up-to-date strategy for repositioning Nice as:

-  a "real", vibrant, working city

-  an artistic and cultural hub for the Cote d'Azur

-  a base for outdoor activities in the city's immediate hinterland of the Maritime Alps

-  a city with one of the most enviable year-round climates in Europe, with  a stunning quality of light

In summary, a city whose inherent sense of natural beauty, contemporary and edgy artistic vibe, Franco-Italian character, authentic everyday working life, outdoor activity focus, Provencale influences, and mild, enviable climate made it a perfect destination for a wide range of markets year-round.
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